Puppetry Art Show

Puppetry is a very ancient art form, thought to have originated about 3000 years ago. Puppets have been used since the earliest times to animate and communicate the ideas and needs of human societies.
Luckily, our seasoned team of creative artist who is doing it from a decade, thanks to their long experience of managing miscellaneous types of themed will make it all effortless and perfect!
We do everything – from a stage show to a road show, we have work on various types of themes like Swatch  Bharat Abhiyan, Inspirational and a kind of story for students.
We work closely with each client to customize a unique and a fiscally sound event adjusted to meet your initial goals and objectives.
Types of Puppetry events we do Hand Puppets; Rod Puppets; Finger Puppets; Body Puppets; Shadow Puppets and so much more…

Live Music Performace

When the engagement day is behind you, the harsh and details-overdosed reality of the wedding planning process lies ahead…
We guess that the fact that the wedding planning industry outnumbers beer, crisps and golf industry by its yearly revenue, people would always need a team of dedicated and attentive professional planners just to get to the wedding dinner safe and sound.
This is the planning on which we have built our reputation, and is for those clients who want comprehensive support, at every step of the way.
The most important issue in planning any wedding out is of course briefing with the bride and the groom, getting a clear understanding of what the top major things should be about: the venue; the food; the drinks; the music; the budget…


Dhol On Beatz

Regardless of which specific kind of a social or a public event you’re planning to host – you surely would want to make sure that your guests will feel like kings and queens, with no mess or a lack of good organizing around them…
All team members of our event planning agency have a long-practiced expertise when it comes to preparing a social event and asking the right questions when talking to the client.
Employing our art and design studios to create the perfect event and audiovisuals for it, we strive to make all the details about your specific event stand out and shine. With our graphic, floral and set design studios, digital technology, a repository of furniture, fabric, props, and a team of designers and craftsmen that will custom create, deliver and install anything that you might need to have at your happening.
Rest assured, that our event planning team is experienced in everything related to event design, logistics, coordination, and production!

Events for Kids

Surely, just as we make sure that our adult parties, corporate events and all other kinds of happenings are well-planned and are awesome when occurring, it is crucial to pay children’s parties, whatever those are, the very same level of attentiveness and thorough management.
Our agency offers busy individuals a professional, thoroughly planned out options for throwing the most awesome party experience for children, family, and friends.
We take care of the most or all of the organizational/technical nuances – from invitations and entertainment to decorations and set-up! Every party can be tailored to fit your needs!
Our seasoned event planners will make every party an unforgettable fun, be the venue for it in your own home or a location of your choosing.
Current Themes:
Pink Princess Tea; Garden Fairies; Tutus & Twinkle Toes; Hook & Ladder; Under the Sea; Safari Soiree; Luau! Luau!; Ahoy Matey!; Barnyard Bash; Pamper Me Spa; Survivor!; Little Einsteins; Amazing Adventure; Picasso Paints!; Neon Dance Party!; Musical: High School Fun; Candyland; Sports Mania!; Purrfect Kitty Cat Party; Positively Puppy Party!; Stuff-An-Animal Party..

Balloon Services

As you might know it, when it comes to many types of events, especially when we’re talkign about corporate and business happenings, there might a lot of audiovisual presentations that also need to be properly prepared, organized and executed.

Our agency’s team of seasoned event planners are fluent in working anything related to the event’s logistics, especially if we talk about creating a seamless event.

Also be sure that we will find (or order and get), deliver and install any audiovisual inventory and tech items – from projectors and screens to sophisticated audio systems, mics and etc…

Our extensive event planning services include production and audiovisual services in North Carolina and at national and international events, ensuring that your meeting has state-of-the-art, contemporary special touches in AV and production support to make it truly memorable.

Magic Show

When we are planning out any professional, mid to large scale event that will have more than 10 guests in attendance, we always remind our clients how really important the decor is.
On par with lighting and other audiovisual accompanying effects, these nice touches can transform the venue’s place, set the mood for the event and actually not fit, but rather create the theme and the atmosphere suitably tailored for any specific occasion.
We host an in-house creative team that can design and create a unique environment for your event that fits perfectly with your message and branding. our team is proud to offer the following services and beyond:
Content design; Stage set design; Floor plans and renderings; Stage management; Labor and staffing; Lighting; Videography; Web streaming; Audience engagement tools; Simultaneous translation; Speaker training and so much more!

Joker & Charlie Chaplin

Whether you are about to host a private party of any scale or want us to help you organize a concert or an exhibition of any sort, we are eager to do that for you.

Want to make your event perfectly organized and memorably good?